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Mass Intention

Sat.-Sun., May 26– May 27 (The Most Holy Trinity)
5:00 pm + Eleanor DeLuca, r/o daughters
8:30 am + William McGoldrick Jr. and Gilbert Fallon Jr., r/o Jeff and Ann Fallon
10:00 am + Edward Pitre, r/o Angie Sano and family
11:30 pm + Fernando Medina Jr., Fernando Medina Sr., Angelita Medina, Manuel Medina, r/o Medina Family
Mon., May 28 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Thomas Napurano, r/o Joanne Napurano
No 7:00pm Mass
Tues., May 29 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Anne Woods, r/o Bill and Judy Picciano
Wed., May 30 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Stolte Family, r/o family
Thurs., May 31 (The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
8:30 am + Fr. Jim’s Ordination Anniversary
Fri., June 1 (Saint Justin)
8:30 am + Hagerman Family, r/o family
Sat., June 2 (Weekday)
No 8:30 am Mass
Sat.-Sun., June 2–June 3 (The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ)
5:00 pm + Gilbert Pritchard, r/o family
8:30 am + Ruth and Robert Fleming, r/o the children
10:00 am + Thomas Fernandes, r/o Stan Fernandes and family
11:30 pm + Dolores Rutger, Ronald and Raquel Miele, r/o Bob and Maria Rutger
*Please Pray the Rosary for Peace*

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