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Mass Intention

Sat.-Sun., March 16–March 17 (Second Sunday of Lent)
5:00 pm + Bathe and Farley Families, r/o the Bathe Family
8:30 am + Matthew and Mark Zogby, r/o Mike Marecsa
10:00 am + John Metz III, r/o wife
11:30 am + Emmanuel Zammit Sr., r/o brothers and sister
Mon., March 18 (Lenten Weekday)
7:00 pm + Wilbur Villahermosa, r/o Joebel and Delia
Tues., March 19 (Saint Joseph)
8:30 am + Lena Fernandes, r/o Ed and Flor Gualberto
Wed., March 20 (Lenten Weekday)
8:30 am + Edward M. Walsh, r/o Mike and Loraine Cioffi and family
Thurs., March 21 (Lenten Weekday)
8:30 am + Daya Wijerathne, r/o son
Fri., March 22 (Lenten Weekday)
8:30 am + Edna Kwiarkowski, r/o Mr. and Mrs. James Jablonski
Sat., March 23 (Lenten Weekday)
No 8:30 am Mass
Sat.-Sun., March 23–March 24 (Third Sunday of Lent)
5:00 pm + Nicholas Cifelli, r/o wife
8:30 am + Gerald Zammit, r/o brothers and sisters
10:00 am + Irene P. Nealon, r/o the Nealon Family
11:30 am + Matilde Dazo Arcadio, r/o Ed and Flor Gualberto
*Please Pray the Rosary for Peace*

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