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Mass Intention

Sat.-Sun., Jan. 20-Jan. 21 (Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

5:00 pm + Stephen Caruso, r/o McCormack Family
8:30 am + Maureen Maresca, r/o Domenick Maresca and family
10:00 am + Michael and Kathleen Bourke, r/o Jim and Bridget Bourke
11:30 am + Matthew Settembrino, r/o godmother
Mon., Jan 22 (Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children)
7:00 pm + Prucilla Mankiw, r/o Flanagan Family
Tues., Jan 23 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Stephen Caruso, r/o Helen and Ed Irwin
Wed., Jan. 24 (Saint Francis de Sales)
8:30 am + Heliodora Figueroa, r/o the Potts Family
Thurs., Jan. 25 (The Conversion of Saint Paul)
8:30 am + Lois Farabaugh Mayberry, r/o The Jones Family
Fri., Jan. 26 (Saint Timothy and Saint Titus)
8:30 am + Alice Maher, r/o Pat Criscola Sat., Jan. 27 (Weekday)
No 8:30 am Mass
Sat.-Sun., Jan. 27-Jan. 28 (Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time)
5:00 pm + Vincent Zalasar, r/o Lisa Zalasar
8:30 am + Matthew Corey, r/o Edward Moore
10:00 am + Thomas Nugent, r/o Margaret Marooney
11:30 am + Roberto Villajuan, r/o Ed and Flor Gualberto

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