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Mass Intention

Sat.-Sun., May 18-May 19 (Fifth Sunday of Easter)
5:00 pm + Maureen Maresca, r/o Mike Maresca
8:30 am + Ed Marks, r/o Anne Marks
10:00 am + Aloysius and Ruth Dsouza, r/o Alice Russo
11:30 am + George Wrieden, r/o Patricia
Mon., May 20 (Easter Weekday)
7:00 pm + Anthony and Josephine Malara, r/o sons
Tues., May 21 (Easter Weekday)
8:30 am Msgr. Andrew L. Szaroleta 42nd ordination anniversary
Wed., May 22 (Easter Weekday)
8:30 am + Kenneth J. Muroski Sr., r/o the Del Deca Family
Thurs., May 23 (Easter Weekday)
8:30 am + Angel Rendaje, e/o Ed and Flor Gualberto
Fri., May 24 (Easter Weekday)
8:30 am + Johannsen Pitti r/o the Masterson Family
Sat., May 25 (Easter Weekday)
No 8:30 am Mass
Sat.-Sun., May 25-May 26 (Sixth Sunday of Easter)
5:00 pm + The Beba Family, r/o daughter, Barbara
8:30 am + Debbie Fernandez, r/o Angelina Flanagan
10:00 am + Eleanor and Arthur DeLuca, r/o daughters
11:30 am + Fernando Medina Sr., r/o the Medina Family
*Please Pray the Rosary for Peace*

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