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Mass Intention

Sat.-Sun., July 22-July 23 (Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time)
5:00 pm + Living & Deceased members and friends of Billetz, Scalia, Varga, & Carbajal families, r/o Andrew, Cristina, Billetz, & Nelly Carbajal
8:30 am + Julia McCarroll, r/o Debra and James Crupi
10:00 am + Thomas Jones, r/o wife & family
1:30 am + JoAnn Lee, r/o Ed and Flor Gualberto
Mon., July 24 (Weekday)
7:00 pm + Philomena Scamardella, r/o Mr. and Mrs. Scamardella and family
Tues., July 25 (Saint James)
8:30 am + Leonor Cammayo Guzman, r/o Eucharistic Ministers
Wed., July 26 (Saints Joachim and Anne)
8:30 am + Vito Vicino, r/o Michael and Lisa Vicino
Thurs., July 27 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Bang and Mueller Family, r/o Eleanor Bang and family
Fri., July 28 (Weekday)
8:30 am + Deceased members of the Hagerman Family
Sat., July 29 (Saint Martha)
No 8:30 am Mass
Sat.-Sun., July 29-July 30 (Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time)
5:00 pm + Pietro Albano, r/o Barry, Sofia, Justine, Barry Jr., Gianna, Miranda, and Brandon Muller
8:30 am + Robert and Steven Kole, r/o father
10:00 am + Luisa Rea, r/o daughter and grandson
11:30 am + Fernando Medina Sr. and Fernando Medina Jr., r/o Medina Family

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